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Company Information of PT. JIN SUNG KS INDONESA

CEO's Message
PT. JIN SUNG KS INDONESIA continues to progress day by day
as a global company thanks to your interest and support.

Since its establishment in 2011, PT. JIN SUNG KS INDONESIA has grown into a global company supplying compressors and turbines in the fields of steel, shipbuilding, power plants, and petroleum/chemical industries through challenges and innovations, both domestically and worldwide.

PT. JIN SUNG KS INDONESIA supplies Compressors and Turbines to large-scale plants in the petro-chemical, general chemical fields, applying specialized API, ISO, and ASME codes, based on excellent technical capabilities and quality.

Our company provides best 'After-sales Services' with 'Parts Supply' and 'Overhaul & Maintenance Service' to our clients.

Moving forward, PT. JIN SUNG KS INDONESIA will continue to open up a new future as a global corporation with business innovation alongside you.

Thank you.