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Company Information of PT. JIN SUNG KS INDONESA

Business Area

To the Core of Industry! To the Global Market!

PT. JIN SUNG KS INDONESIA is expanding its core business
into various industries in the global market.

Oil & Gas / Petrochemical / Chemical Plant

PT. JIN SUNG KS INDONESIA supplies compressors and turbines to major large-scale plants worldwide, applying exclusive API, ISO, ASME codes for the oil refining/petrochemical and general chemical sectors. Leveraging exceptional technical expertise, quality, and extensive experience, PT.JIN SUNG KS INDONESIA delivers its products to over 30 countries globally. PT. JIN SUNG KS INDONESIA supports comprehensive post-delivery management through 'Parts Supply Service' and 'O&M (Overhaul & Maintenance) Service'.

Power / Industrial Plant

PT. JIN SUNG KS INDONESIA designs, manufactures, and supplies a variety of compressors and turbines tailored to the needs of the power/industrial plant sector. We provide prompt delivery and offer 365-day O&M(Overhaul & Maintenance) Service services to its customers.

Expanding into Global Markets

Since 2011, PT. JIN SUNG KS INDONESIA has established itself in Cilegon, Indonesia's largest petrochemical complex, laying the groundwork for its expansion into the global market. As a best partner of PT. Krakatau POSCO, we supply rotating equipment such as compressors and pumps, and provide maintenance services. Additionally, the company supplies compressors and turbines and offers maintenance services to local Indonesian refineries/petrochemical plants and power/industrial plants. PT. JIN SUNG KS INDONESIA is strategically expanding into international markets to secure future growth competitiveness and continue its development as a global corporation.